Who is Jazlyn Rene?

Jazlyn Rene is the Founder of this eponymous brand; A Curvy Fashion forward Designer, Traveler, Innovative Thinker, Gardener and Alumni of The Art Institute. Jazlyn Rene is a tireless activist for curvy women being feminine and having access to a Cute, Trendy, Comfortable and Affordable Lifestyle. 
Born and raised in Detroit Michigan, nothing was ever freely given to her. She started working at the very young age of 14 and cultivated everything she touched. At an early age Jazlyn Rene learned that you get out of life what you put into it. As a result she developed a diligent work ethic which included striving for perfection, consistently exceeding expectations and avoiding shortcuts. Her unwavering determination, dedication, extreme attention to detail, creativity, Event Planning and Brand Management has gained many accolades.

How It All Started?

"For the longest time I had no idea what I wanted to specialize in. I mean really, I love clothing and shoes, I love home fashions, I am obsessed with accessories and bags, I adore cars and travel, I am a gourmet chef by hobby and I love food. I truly love it all. This is where the inspiration for the brand came from. This is a real life story. I am a curvy girl and I love fashion. The forward fashions that I adore are not always available to me due to my curvy figure. Therefore, I had to create my own lane. A Lifestyle Brand just for curvy girls."
~Jazlyn Rene


"I believe that women should not be in competition with each other. Instead, we should empower each other.  It is room for every single one of us to make it."
~ Jazlyn
Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.